Elected officials

President: Domenic “Butch” Ruggiero

Vice President: Angelo Tieri

Secretary: Susie Coreno

Treasurer: Fil Biagiotti

Oratore: Joe Romanello

Auditors/Trustees: Steve Romanello, Antonio Belmonte, Domenic Zinicola

Informational Official: Teresa Parente Calez

Sargeant of Arms: Nino Stassi


Isabella VanGelder

Elizabeth VanGelder

Maria VanGelder

Annette Cristino

Teresa Parente-Calez

Daniela Bianchi

Julia Cristino

Stefano Romanello

Giuseppe Tieri

Our events cannot be planned and completed without its members' assistance and volunteering.  All are welcome to make suggestions and assist the Social Committee in its carrying out the plans.  The Committee is willing to assist you in developing and creating a new event or activity for the Club as long as you are willing to help.